...and they lived happily ever after. The end? Not yet! It's just the beginning.

This is the colorful love story of Mr. Carefree and Ms. Finicky. Yes, a love story. Not a fairy tale.

Mr. Carefree and Ms. Finicky first met inside a mall’s video store through a common friend. No words, just nods. But the real story began not until 2 years after, when in 2005, Ms. Finicky moved in a dormitory where Mr. Carefree also resided.

It was definitely not a love at first sight. She practically hated him because he was too playful. He took no romantic notice at her because his roommate was her suitor. She did all efforts to avoid his company. He made sure to annoy her every chance he got. Until one day, a group of dormers planned to buy a gift for their landlady’s assistant, who’s also a friend to both Mr. Carefree and Ms. Finicky. When they were leaving to go to the mall, most of their companions declined to join due to some unforeseen events. Only three were left: Mr. Carefree, Ms. Finicky and another common friend. Ms. Finicky panicked and did not want to join at all but she had no choice because she didn’t trusted two boys to choose the right gift for a woman. Then, it all started.

“He’s not that bad!”, she thought. That’s an understatement. She really enjoyed his company. She saw a sweet and thoughtful man instead of the mischievous, attention-seeking brat. Beginning that day, they spent most of their free times together. They watched movies, took long walks and ate together. They exchanged stories until wee hours of the morning. When they were not together, they exchanged text messages and calls. But not everyone was psyched about these developments. Ms. Finicky falls in love easily while Mr. Carefree had not one serious relationship for years. One night, a friend who’s a little skeptical about the “situation” talked to her and advised that she has to clear the “situation” with him because they don’t want to see her heart get broken. That very night she spoke to him and found out that he, too, has fallen in love. Just after midnight on September 12, 2005, they officially became a couple.

Eight years. Like fairy tales, their love story had its own Gastons, Jafars and Maleficents. They also had their own sets of poisoned apples, magic mirrors and cursed spindles. At the beginning of the relationship, she’s much fascinated of him being blithe and he adored her attention to details. But over the years, being carefree and being finicky became not so enthralling to one another. Carefree now translates to uncaring while finicky now means suffocating.

BUT like fairy tales, they also had magic. Love worked its magic. These two very different individuals chose to accept, to understand and to sacrifice even the things that are very important to them just to keep the other person happy. Ms. Finicky strives to be Ms. Carefree (sometimes) and Mr. Carefree strives to be Mr. Finicky (sometimes). Now that they are getting married, they will not anymore be Mr. Carefree and Ms. Finicky. They will forever be Mr. and Mrs. Compromise.

Yes, not a fairy tale, but a love story.

Because fairy tales are all about love at first sights, undying feelings and perfect worlds...

But love? It's a choice, it's an everyday hard work, it isn't perfect but it's REAL.

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